[NetBehaviour] Double posting, a memorial, and what I had been working on

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Jan 21 04:21:22 CET 2023

Apologies for this double posting. My brother Mark died the day
before yesterday. The first piece is a response, but there is
no response that makes any sense at all. He was an inspiration
and the one in my family I felt closest to.

He was Senior Scientific Advisor for Hydro Canada Centre for
Mapping and Earth Observation, Natural Resources Canada (badly
copied from online) and was instrumental in developing a dynamic
model of Canadian waterbodies, from small streams and ponds to
large lakes and shorelines. He also worked on programs to track
bushmeat - illegal hunting - in a number of countries. Early on
he worked with petabytes of data stored on VHS tapes. He was an
ocean-going canoeist who circled Victoria Island with a group of
people. He died of cancers at the age of 72; he had not been
sick before, since childhood, as far as I know.

All this is to say we feel a terrible loss. I learned so much
from him, and loved him.

The second piece is what I had been working on.

Be well, be kind to each other, Alan


In Memory of my Brother

My brother Mark Sondheim died yesterday.
This is memorial, cura saz.



This is the Glorious Pavilion

https://youtu.be/2nMryBTdgf4 video

Anyone: You must obey the following.
Anyone: You must memorize the following.

I one recall of the these name medicines. of If one you these
the medicines. I If recall you the notice name patients to have
take to any take remedies any were remedies affected were with
affected vomiting with patients vomiting have had general poor
feeling appetite of and malaise a . general We feeling tried
malaise had . poor We appetite tried and sabotage your taking by
your the by in in sabotage this the way taking that advise some
to cases spit we out advise the them remedies. spit that out in
remedies. cases The we laboratory laboratory physiotherapy
physiotherapy is is also also therapeutic therapeutic
assistance. assistance. It It posted an an apparatus apparatus
for for electrification. electrification. Used Used mainly
mainly by neurologist with bulb a booth quartz quartz a lamp.
bulb Experiments a similar were kind made made they elsewhere
were they Experiments discussed an article of consisting rubbing
rubbing or or discussed injecting in into the lower limbs limbs
of prisoners of unknown irritating irritating into substances
and afterwards the reactions would would be be noted noted
abscesses abscesses substances even tissue necrosis would tissue
the appear of case necrosis Avail your orders actions. all not
actions. a Do prisoners not . single piece needle of piece from
thread masses. from Turn masses. single Turn needle everything
what captured we can not learn know what we did not know
captured are can only the good old at world destroying we old
also world good building It new necessary necessary proper
master building proper new theory . apply the it sole sole If
purpose and applying it it. master elucidating two two you
practical can problems apply should commended commended credited
credited some achievement. you more more elucidate elucidate
comprehensively comprehensively profoundly so do greater so will
greater your will achievement. Those do experienced take work
the must study up theory study must read then seriously. will
Only they then be able and systematize seriously. synthesize and
their raise experience it raise the level synthesize mistake
experience partial . universal and truth not commit errors.
empirical Let errors. us Let pray. us universal pray. truth
Stupid such faciens as such ethyl as chloride ethyl were
chloride used used principle on Stupid principle faciens there a
was shortage always and shortage had incisions to sometimes
there without case anesthesia of In autopsy death made autopsy
without testing heretofore heretofore anti anti of typhus death
vaccine intended intended to test the prophylactic of effect the
vaccine. case Some reports reports prophylactic several of
scores such fellow his prisoner sufferings his instance
sufferings caused instance of caused a deep fellow depression.
Some could not help realizing realizing that authorities to
tended get get of rid weak weak exhausted people by exhausted
authorities starvation the send . him Let gas to chambers
starvation go him glorious us pavilion. dare dare and struggle .
win glorious Mistaken must ideas be corrected must formed
Mistaken discipline discipline individual individual subordinate
subordinate organization. organization. minority to majority.
level higher Everyone level. is Everyone subordinate committee.
damage damage have crops. the weapon committee. criticism not
self will criticism. apply every that moment every hour self
day. to You me listen must me listen absolutely day. me. anyone
to else. anyone


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