[NetBehaviour] Our Lives Now

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jan 23 22:03:08 CET 2023

Our Lives Now

https://youtu.be/txk0DD-qj4M video

*/do not be afraid to say too many tears /* Our lives now are
industrial lives. Our lives are there whirly gigs that's a stain
are brain mind thinking thought emotional cellular networkings
come within the curly weather to stay put and hear. These are
difficult times period these are the difficulties of difficult
times. So then and there and well then. So this is my deepest
condolences to myself for the times we live in. As well as
somewhat deeply felt joyous attributes . For the times we live
in. For the period times period we live in. We live in our Times
Now which are industrial times. You cannot see where this is
going but you can see where it's coming from. And where it's
coming from is where it's going. The instrument isn't good and
the other of it will remain silence as to its origins which are
elsewhere. No, the instrument is excellent it's very good. The
instrument isn't good. No you are getting this wrong. Your
instrument is magnificent. The instrument isn't good. You're
still not listening period you're still repeating yourself. The
instrument doesn't hood OUD (At this point I spell "oud" out.
It's not in its vocabulary. It doesn't understand. It's just not
there, not even an absence, not even as an absence." That is
what it is. And the other the origin of it is that's something
else again entirely.


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