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Cambrian capers.


Back in Cambrian times do you recall how we sat on beaches with small fans
made from palmetto, and furthermore dangled our feet in the primordial ooze?

Aye I do that.

It was sunlit times and tranquil, and our toes curled in the warmth as we
sang songs and caught tiny green fireflies that were intelligent and sat
and sang back to us in high, shrill voices reminiscent of the pan pipes of
the mountain peoples of a future age.

Does't thou recall them times Leonardo me old mate?

Pass me the pepper - yes I'd recall better after supper.

And with that L proceeded to snap up all the oyster mushrooms, the goat
cheeses and the red onion chutney.

By christ this dinner doth taste good and far better a feast than such as
laid by the friars inum.

I recall those gigantic millipedes and the weird screeches they made when
you tickled em. The lollipops made from honey of wasps and tangerine
lemonade meant we felt light headed as we navigated across the deep
cambrian seas. Our eyes shone as we encountered Ruby the trilobite, her
snorkel and her flippers  showing just under the glittering surface of the
glassy ocean.  We dived with the great free swimmers and scratched at the
gates of this utopian age of crabby shores and heliocentric coconut vistas,
safe in the knowledge we could guarantee an exit if the big reptilian
terrors appeared.  The jelly copter was always ready to get us out of a
sticky situation.

Oh yes - the jelly copter was made from the flanged skull of a huge
terasaur. It had a neon gas drive and two big sofas made from cellophane
plus it housed a family of platypus in a small pool.  We often glided and
took the high air of the Sierra mountains, swooping we'd draw dirty looks
from the mum platypus. Tut tut.

Then we grew too tired and shot back through various triassic, Jurassic and
Devonian times until we decided on the gorgeous age of reason - Greek
times!  Yes recall those festivals of alabaster and the lyre music not to
mention all the philosophy.  Our eyes bulged with all that great logic of
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