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> The door opens.
> Some minutes later they enter the elevation device. They paired. But it
> got stuck because of a singularity in the device control. They unpaired and
> then paired again and thought at first that it fix it, but the elevation
> did not start working.
> Calling something a "singularity" is a visitor's way of saying "we don't
> know what the heck we're talking about".
> "Is there any emergency button?"
> "They are on it over here. Don't worry."
> "I understand."
> "Please be patient. Someone will be right with you."
> [image: _IGP9844-s.JPG]
> Eventually they made it.
> "I am super excited for tomorrow!"
> They're on a planet that is orbiting a star at 30km/s.
> That star is orbiting the centre of a galaxy at 250km/s.
> That galaxy is moving through the universe at a rate of 600km/s.
> Since they started thinking about this, they have travelled about 3,000km.
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