[NetBehaviour] Madrid Internet Tour. In search of the technical cloud in Madrid

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Wed Mar 1 14:48:07 CET 2023

hello world
soon new route in Madrid, if you know anyone interested,
thank you!

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:~ Sat Mar 18 2023
*Madrid Internet Tour.* 11.00h - 13.00h
5 hops max, 30 body packets max, 120 min

About Internet Tour

The idea of the Internet as a clean, ethereal network whose data is stored
in “the cloud” is nothing more than a fallacy that hides thousands of
kilometres of fiber optics cables, innumerable data centres and an
increasing global energy consumption. The Internet is made up of a series
of materials, constructions and interventions that are hidden from the
naked eye; from bland buildings in the centres of our cities, to urban
beaches where the submarine cables that connect countries and continents
are buried under the sand.

Internet Tour (2018 -) is an initiative which gives us a collective
exploration of this physical Internet infrastructure halfway between the
tourist route of the non-tourist, performance and enlightenment for lay
people. Accompanied by a guide who presents each of the points of interest
on the visit, participants board a bus that takes them to visit the places
through which our emails, messages, likes, comments, videos and photographs

more info:

Mario Santamaría
Tourist Guide
https://internetour.com <https://t.co/VRcqZjU2D6>
Studio: Trama 34. L'Hospitalet, Barcelona
e: info at mariosantamaria.net  tw: @m_msanta
m: +0034 651 109 724
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