[NetBehaviour] Our new album for ESP-Disk', early release this Friday, pre-order up now!

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Mar 2 21:26:52 CET 2023

(We are so so happy with this, apologies for the commercial!)

We're pleased to announce our new album from ESP-Disk' will have an early
release this Friday, tomorrow, on Bandcamp!

See https://alansondheim.bandcamp.com/album/galut-ballads-of-wadi-sabi for
details. We are so so excited about this! The album is titled "GALUT: Ballads of
Wadi-Sabi" and features Alan Sondheim on a variety of instruments and
modalities, Azure Carter on voice, Rachel Rosenkrantz on bass, and Edward
Schneider on alto saxophone.

I was inspired by Hokusai, among others, called "the old man mad about drawing"
- Hokusai finally felt released from all constraints, to create whatever he
wanted, not worried, free. I think of this constantly - getting there quickly,
moving on, astonished -

Please consider supporting us, buying the album on pre-release, and thank you

Best!, Alan

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