[NetBehaviour] AI heart at the WAG by Alessia Pittaccio. March 02 - May 23 2023

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This is so beautiful and nostalgic and funny and Spiegelman terrific! Thank

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> Dear friends & colleagues,
> Hope this email finds you well.
> I am proud to present  "AI heart", an animated GIF and non-linear
> narrative artwork (see the youtube link below) by Alessia Pittaccio, an
> ongoing student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome.
> The Widget Art Gallery http://www.chiarapassa.it/wag is a Web-App
> cross-device, just save the WAG icon on your mobile screen to access it
> whenever you want!
> Since 2008 the Widget Art Gallery is also available under the guise of a
> widget for the osx-dashboard. Download it here
> http://www.chiarapassa.it/wag.zip
> WAG's articles, reviews, curiosities, etc. here:
> http://www.chiarapassa.it/TheWidgetArtGallery.html
> Enjoy the show!
> Sending my best, Chiara Passa
> About the show
> "AI heart " by Alessia Pittaccio. March 02 - May 23 2023.
> The gif depicts an ironic reinterpretation of the performance "Rest
> Energy" by Marina Abramovic and Ulay. It symbolizes the relationship
> between artists and technology, where artificial intelligence both
> threatens and empowers them. On one hand it can potentially replace and
> therefore kill the artists, on the other hand it can literally make its way
> into the artists' heart.
> The interactive and non-linear narrative artwork is here:
> https://youtu.be/68YTN2qNZvY
> About the WAG
> Due to our needs that seem to be increasingly handheld, the WAG was born
> in 2008 as OSX Widget and launched as WebApp in 2009! The Widget Art
> Gallery is a single art-gallery-room fitting into people's pockets. Every
> two months, the WAG hosts a solo digital-art exhibition related to its
> dynamic site-specific context.
> The WAG works both as a kunsthall showing temporary exhibitions and also
> as a museum conserving all the past shows inside an online and dynamic
> archive working as a permanent collection.
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