[NetBehaviour] Standoff

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Mar 19 16:14:08 CET 2023


https://youtu.be/OJ-jdJmEixo VIDEO

Hello in real life I just got seriously hacked asking for $1400
of money and if it wasn't $1400 of money that the information
that I left on adult sites would be part of a video or something
like that. Be careful. Be wary all the time . which brings
me to this video that was done this afternoon . It's very choppy
because I was not able to look through or at the viewfinder of
the camera, the sunlight was too bright. But it was a swan in a
somewhat angry position physical position moving around the
basin where there were mallards and other ducks actually just
mallards I think other birds , And randomly attacking them in
slow motion with its wings raised . I'm not sure what this
behavior signified but at the same time the clouds were strange
in the sky. In the far distance over a mile and a half away we
saw a Ukrainian flag flying over the top of a hill . I'm not
sure where was located but I was able to obtain a close up.
That's also included. I'm still shaking from the hack . It was
poorly executed and if I didn't know how mail works a bit I
might have responded to it. But I didn't . The music is an old
piece called Maya Maya. It's repeated over and over again
Asher . The lyrics are fairly simple and can be found elsewhere
I think online. The music that accompanies it or rather it
accompanies the music or both is an electric saz . The electric
saz is quick to play and highly resonant. I'm mesmerized by the
saz and at the same time shaking a bit because of the hack. It
was blind email - in other words my address was given as both
the receiver and the sender. That's easy to do and would have
been a problem for anyone who doesn't look at headers. The piece
- poorly shot - nonetheless is about the frailty of the good ,
which may veer off in any direction , catastrophe theory is
about that to a certain extent - the "fragility of the good."
I hope this finds you well .


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