[NetBehaviour] Fwd: Join us for art, music, ecology and talks in Finsbury Park on Saturday 1st April

Ruth Catlow ruthcatlow at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 11:56:20 CET 2023

For any London based Netbehaviourists.
We are hosting Rachel Jacobs and Alexandre Dayo in a long term residency at
Furtherfield Commons focused on the Future Machine.

Would love to see you at their programme of talks and weather jams on April
1st from 2pm.


Forwarded from Rachel Jacobs

—apologies for x posting---

*Join us for the *

*Finsbury Park Bell Weather Day*

*Saturday 1st April from 2pm*

*at Furtherfield Commons in Finsbury Park  *

*(next to Seven Sisters Gate)*

Art, music, ecology, planting, bell ringing and talks

*2pm* – Music from Finsbury Park Drumming School

*3pm* – The Tree Charter Bell, Tree Planting Ceremony

*3.30 – 4.30pm* – Talking about art, music, ecology and the future

*6pm* Come along to a 'Future Machine Weather Jam' led by the Future

The Rainmakers and the When the Future Comes Collective including special

Ruth Catlow
Co-director of Furtherfield & DECAL Decentralised Arts Lab
+44 (0) 77370 02879

Mastodon: @Ruth at assemblag.es

*I will only agree to speak at events that are racially and gender

**sending thanks

*Furtherfield *disrupts and democratises art and technology through
labs & debate, for deep exploration, open tools & free thinking.
furtherfield.org <http://www.furtherfield.org/>

*DECAL* Decentralised Arts Lab is an arts, blockchain & web 3.0 technologies
research hub

for fairer, more dynamic & connected cultural ecologies & economies now.


Furtherfield is a Not-for-Profit Company Limited by Guarantee

Registered in England and Wales under the Company No.7005205.

Registered business address: Carbon Accountancy, 80-83 Long Lane, London,
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