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After being absent from Netbehavour for quite some time I had a quick rummage around and instantly stumbled across this. What a lovely project Marialaura & Rebekah! 
Exactly what I needed to see after feeling very exploited and undervalued at this particular moment in time. 
Tom :) 

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On Thu, 16 Mar 2023, at 11:28 AM, Marialaura Ghidini wrote:
> Dear List,
> We want to introduce you to UnProductive Solutions, a curatorial & 
> research project posing as an international holding company, 
> https://unproductivesolutions.com/  
> UnProductive Solutions develops digital technologies that escape the 
> logic of hyper-efficiency and productivity. The project offers a 
> critical perspective on technology and its impact on us as humans by 
> investing in products and platforms that honour the irrationality of 
> human emotions and the pleasures of idleness and fortuitous occurrences.
> Are you tired of the seductiveness of the experiential narratives of 
> the tech industry? Of technology predicting human behaviours to provide 
> users with solutions? Of AI companions who simulate care and love? Do 
> you want to release users from the assumptions and standardised logic 
> of algorithms?
> Over the course of ten weeks, UnProductive Solutions is launching five 
> new technologies developed by 'subsidiary companies'. Each company is 
> an artistic project by an international artist invited to collaborate 
> with us. Their tech services explore the externalities of the gig 
> economy, the Blockchain as a kind of Cargo cult that presumes to 
> dispense precious objects, the moralistic discourse of the 
> post-internet plateau, the displacement of algorithmic assistive 
> technologies with human poetry, and bio surveillance and the boundaries 
> of our bodies, among other topics. 
> At present, three “subsidiary companies” have launched services on 
> UnProductive Solutions.
>> *The Emotional Labor Wage Calculator* that was developed by *TRK: technically responsible knowledge* (founder and CEO, Caroline Sinders - New Orleans, USA). The calculator offers insider advice on the challenges of e-delivery jobs and to help consumers calculate what an equitable wage should be. https://unproductivesolutions.com/tkr-calculator-subsidiary/ 
>> *proof of word™* that was developed by *Trust Chain Solutions* (founders Guido Segni and Matìas Reyes - Tuscany, Italy) and allows people to register a promise using blockchain technology. The platform offers users to speak their word out loud to the world and sculpt it forever on the blockchain with a few clicks. https://unproductivesolutions.com/trust-chain-solutions-subsidiary/ and https://proofofword.business/  
>> Last week, the NO DATA INSTITUTE (founder, Tara Kelton — Bangalore, India) has joined the UnPro portfolio of subsidiaries. From March 10 - March 19, their service — *Storage Search Engine™* — offers a human-powered search platform that gives users access to minds around the globe. Their mission is complete privacy – to create a world in which recording is no longer permitted, and information is never stored. https://unproductivesolutions.com/no-data-institute-subsidiary/ and https://nostorage.land/  
> Over the next five weeks, UnPro will launch two additional 
> technologies. The artists behind these subsidiary companies are Bruce 
> Asbestos (Nottingham, UK) and Lauren Lee McCarthy (Los Angeles, USA). 
> Last but not least, UnProductive Solutions is always looking for 
> collaborations and ideas that deviate from the standard. If you want to 
> get in touch, we’d love to hear yours. 
> https://unproductivesolutions.com/pitch/
> All the bests,
> Marialaura & Rebekah
> Who we are:
> We have been working together as Modrak&Ghidini since 2017, when we 
> launched the project #exstrange - an intervention into the online 
> marketplace eBay. We bring together our different interests: Rebekah’s 
> creative resistance to consumer culture using the company-as-medium, 
> and Marialaura’s interest in online curation and working with various 
> exhibition formats.
> https://rebekahmodrak.com/
> https://marialaura-ghidini.hotglue.me/
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