[NetBehaviour] Palimpsest

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Mar 26 19:19:47 CEST 2023


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Palimpsest, Rosetta Stone, indexicality of my writings,
ruptures, eruptions, turbulent formations, whispers,
demarcations, pleas and pledges, 'allworld,'

the totality of my writings, enumerations, indices,
breakdowns, effusions, turbulent stases, speech,
poolings, promises, forgotten agreements, decreases,

the incessant urge to write, write, rite, right,
continuous production, Rosetta Stone, keywords,
codings, decodings,

the fragmentation of my writing, decay of indices,
coagulations, roiling, silence and decay, encodings,
memory, tombstones, graffiti, whispers,

losses, always losses, reassemblage, the Aegyptiaca,

I. Thereafter he [Manetho] gave an account of the kings who
were Spirits of the Dead, calling them also Demigods, . . .
who reigned for 2100 years: he called them "very brave"
II. Mineus and seven of his descendants reigned for 253 years.
III. Bochus and eight other kings reigned for 302 years.
IV. Necherocheus and seven other kings for 214 years.
V. Similarly seventeen other kings for 277 years.
VI. Similarly twentyone other kings for 258 years.
VII. Othoi and seven other kings for 203 years.
VIII. Similarly fourteen other kings for 140 years.
IX. Similarly twenty other kings for 409 years.
X. Similarly seven other kings for 204 years.

the crumbling of specific memories of Miss Stack's course,
perhaps geography? or then that book report on the history
of Egypt? around the north of the country. i was never there,
never saw anything. honestly officer, it wasn't me.

the Assyrian standard inscription, Hittite cliff carvings,
then papyrus, paper, databanks, the lifespan of this text
and it's image, five years, the protocols involved in
reproducing the messy temporary instantiations of coded

next year the desert increases, war as well, perhaps local
nuclear, this will disappear, we will remember nothing, and
more - nothing to be remembered.


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