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The pic be here and the writing
Too https://www.instagram.com/p/CqT_Ar5oi1S/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Yes and all the content was gone leaving the form. The form was where the
hare had lain. Then by the wall the dried red seeding docks. Overlooking
this flat field far past the school house and the twist in the river the
pines, a lone Scots, rising dry stone wall and by that an adder, basking
by some rushes, up towards the Howes a common land probably owned by the
Lord, actually not a proper common. But then way up behind a few farms,
walls, big old trees in lines a hundred and fifty years old planted as wind
breaks, an old school house, the last farm and then the fells proper with
ponies, and the actual common as named.  This common rising gradually with
the odd sheep, bracken, then Heather and cropped grass, up to high areas of
peat bog and stone pavement of lime.  Above a peewit cried, a crow
wind-blown and a raven on a stone. Below the lake. Far below the sun
glinting directly reflecting in two tarns at varying heights.  And way
distant the Pennines a broken backed great monstrous mass of bludgeoned and
seizmic up thrusting and brownly dominating hills and peaks. Beyond that
grey silver rivers and hillock falling grasses flowing towards the eastern
coast of towns with darling in their names and sentimental and loving
couples drinking ale in courtyards and brick pubs against the blighted
docks long since out distanced by other ports far away.
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