[NetBehaviour] Charamaynne never expected to be in this situation.

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S/He had always thought that their life was simple, straightforward. But
everything changed when s/he received that letter. The letter that told
them that everything s/he knew was fake. That there was another world on
top of this one.
[image: sPS-char-2023-05-07 15.23.17.jpg]
Charamaynne didn't understand it all.
The lifeform in front of Charamaynne, the one who claimed to know
everything, was pointing a weapon at them. Charamaynne knew s/he was in
danger. S/He looked at the lifeform's face, trying to understand what s/he
wanted from them.

"We're stuck here," the lifeform says. "You and me. And the rest of us."

Charamaynne swallowed hard. S/He couldn't believe that this was happening
to them. S/He has always been a law-abiding citizen, never gotten into
trouble. But now, s/he was a pawn in a game s/he didn't even know existed.

Charamaynne turns their head and sees another lifeform in the room. S/He
looks at them with a mix of sympathy and disdain.
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