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Dance / run

Roughly converted into lower ascii.

This was one of the earliest Dance Runs by Foofwa;
I love the focus, intensity, dance, and my music
works well, I think. I watch this from time to time,
beautiful and oddly calming, and all my thanks and
more to Foofwa -

Foofwa d'Imobilite, 2003

2003, Foofwa d'Imobilite, Dance Run

(Alan Sondheim, music, 1878 Beatty pump organ)


dance / run (vido - 2003)

8 years ago

Chorgraphie : Foofwa d'Imobilit
Dancerunneur : Foofwa dit Mobilit
Musique originale : Alan Sondheim
Image : Aldo Mugnier
Ralisation : Pascal Magnin
Production : Neopost Foofwa

Remerciements : Stade des Evaux - Genve, ADC - Genve, The
Kitchen - New York, K'danse de la Tour-de-Trme, Francisa Koller,
Tamara Bacci, Fred Regg, Antoine Lengo, Gabor Simon

Neopost Fooofwa bnficie dun soutien conjoint pour la priode
2015-17 de la Ville de Genve, de la Rpublique et du Canton de
Genve et de Pro Helvetia-Fondation suisse pour la culture. Leave
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