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Johannes Birringer johannesbirringer1 at gmail.com
Fri May 19 15:17:04 CEST 2023

dear all,
greetings, and sorry for having been quite for quite a while, adjusting to
a few things after moving to the countryside.
For those of you who've heard of ISEA or attended the annual ISEA events,
well this year, it's held in the lovely city of Paris.

[image: image.png]

I decided not to attend the whole spectacle anymore, as it overwhelmed,
irritated me last year in Barcelona. Some friends from Greece formed a
panel, which took place yesterday and I participated virtually. Our panel
was held at the Forum des Images and titled: "Networked Collaborative
Performance: Frugal Strategies and Cultural Impact of Technology."  If
you're interested in my 3-minute provocation (we were eight people and
given very little time), I include the link to the video*.
The overall approach of our panel was to raise questions and stimulate
discussion of the frugal (i am not quite happy to speak of innovation here):

"As open-source software and human-machine-interaction hardware become more
accessible, more culturally diverse groups put them to artistic uses.
However, collaboration across cultural and disciplinary borders poses a
host of problems not just of technical but also of cultural communication.
In this context, the proposed panel investigates the impact of internet
collaboration with live coding and other live interaction technologies on
culture and the new kinds of art forms that arise from it, especially under
the perspective of frugal innovation, i.e. the combination of technical
skills, DIY economy of means and an intuitive approach to technology. The
premise that this panel ultimately intends to raise as a challenge, is that
such work requires a global approach on the technical, organizational,
social and cultural aspects in order to be sustainable..."

* https://youtu.be/gBBYoPLQnqU

Johannes Birringer
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