[NetBehaviour] A Software for Feeling - exhibition opening in Berlin 2 June

Gretta Louw gretta.elise.louw at gmail.com
Fri May 26 13:30:49 CEST 2023

Hi everyone,

If any of you happen to be in Berlin next Friday, the 2nd of June, I’d be very pleased to see you at the opening of my solo show A Software for Feeling at DAM Projects.

The exhibition is open for 6 weeks, so till mid-July. If you happen to be in Berlin over the summer and I’d be very interested in hearing your feedback.

https://damprojects.org/greta-louw-a-software-for-feeling/ <https://damprojects.org/greta-louw-a-software-for-feeling/> 
"The show explores the themes that have been ongoing in Louw's work for several years regarding the confluences between technology, culture, and nature; the inextricable interweaving of these active forces. In material terms the pieces in the show combine digital, algorithmic, AI tools with traditional techniques from art and craft history such as oil painting, needlework and embroidery, as well as ink painting on textiles. The motifs of threads, jellyfish, tentacles, and fungi all point towards an underlying approach to look systemically at the world at its current intersecting impasses. Louw is interested in networks across the digital, the social, cultural, environmental, organic and metaphysical.”

Warm wishes!


grettalouw.com <http://grettalouw.com/> 
@grettalouw <https://www.instagram.com/grettalouw/>

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