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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Nov 4 03:40:49 CET 2023

It's like this about philosophy and long improvisation

https://youtu.be/xvSIH3Z92XM video (rebab/guitar)

Here it's like this . I woke at 5:00 AM in the morning and it's 
now 6 and I began to think about again their philosophy of long 
form musical structures that I've been working with and thinking 
of these long form musical structures as philosophy in 
themselves . So when this happened woke up I got out of bed I 
came out of here into the computer area and I started dictating 
and typing simultaneously to gather my thoughts on this. I'm not 
sure what I'm doing is music in the ordinary sense and it's 
certainly not philosophy in the ordinary sense. So I was going 
through this found the typing error went back corrected the 
error and by accident or deliberate forgetting erased most of 
what I have been saying and writing . So right here this perhaps 
is better these are fragments . Because i've been thinking 
that's the long form that I've been using in a lot of the recent 
pieces accompanied by video in fact is not music in the ordinary 
sense of the word but perhaps an attempt create a space a kind 
of space , a space for philosophy that is not necessarily 
(written, spoken, musical) language. The point for me is in 
these long forms it's not the content, scales, etc. that's 
critical, but almost something subterranean.

... if they're describing a phenomenology of the world but in 
fact are turning in upon themselves to create an experience for 
the listener or the reader . It's a way of thinking that isn't 
really musical at all and on the other hand it's not concept 
driven . It involves a backwater that is remembering what has 
come before just as one might when writing a paragraph or 
speaking as I am now . But it also involves lateral movement

... doing these long forms in music that they're not music in in 
the ordinary sense of the word in fact they are music only to 
the extent that they are somewhat organized sound that gestures 
towards musical form, but I think as well that they're carrying 
somatic, ideational, referential, and conceptual-philosophical 
content as well. I certainly am pretentious and in the regard of 
the above, most likely wrong, if not delusional. But this 
approach enables me to think in an other way, much like 
relevance theory (Schutz) might move towards the object after 
considered appearance, described after the fact.

... meanwhile slept on that and we were woken very early morning 
w/ the fire alarm, not a test but something went wrong and we 
were all huddled outside in an emergency state of mind for a 
while and found out nothing was happening, perhaps also a 
metaphor for whatever I think I'm doing which perhaps isn't much 


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