[NetBehaviour] Distorted views

Zak Qlikman gishel.sim at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 11:20:15 CET 2023

Aidan's unpleasant voice cuts through the ether, expressing frustration and
heartache like a discordant melody in an otherwise tranquil room.

"Why can't you take a moment to think about me?" Aidan's words hang in the
air, heavy with emotion. "This is all a mistake. It's never going to work."
[image: s#rroomsco - 01 Distorted views.jpg]
Zak, resigned and wearing a puzzled expression, realizes that there's no
use in attempting a response. It's as if their words exist in parallel
universes, never quite aligning.

Aidan, determined to be heard, presses on, "I can't handle it. For me, it's
like cheating: You feel great, and I feel terrible."

The room feels like a theater of the absurd, with emotions and accusations
swirling around like bizarre props in a surreal play. Zak struggles to find
words, caught in the maelstrom of Aidan's discontent.

Aidan continues, their voice a tempest of frustration, "Why do you always
make me feel like I'm intruding? You get all the recognition and feedback
you want, and you always forget that I exist. It deeply hurts me. Suddenly,
I'm not good enough anymore. That's exactly how I feel."

In this ridiculous spectacle, they're confronted with the stark reality
that their relationship has become a farce, a carnival of misunderstandings
and unfulfilled expectations. It's clear that their distorted views of each
other have irreparably transformed their connection into a bizarre circus.
They stand there, looking at each other with a mixture of regret and


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