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Wed Nov 8 09:46:46 CET 2023

Bit of a slow response here . . .
Re: 'pieces accompanied by video in fact is not music in the ordinary

sense of the word but perhaps an attempt create a space a kind

of space , a space for philosophy that is not necessarily

(written, spoken, musical) language. The point for me is in

these long forms it's not the content, scales, etc. that's

critical, but almost something subterranean.'

I found this so beautiful and meaningful.

This boundaryless mingling of genre and form is, I believe, the future, a
more evolved art, that creative technologies are hinting at with their
synaestheisic flows between movement sound words, tone, even thought and
ideas, so experience is more open and not as defined by parameters so to
me, what you attempt to describe but probably can’t because of it’s
amorphous nature, and limitations of language, makes total sense. It
relates, I think, to the porosity and interconnectedness of all forms and

It doesn't seem  'pretentious or delusional!'

I hope this makes sense

With love

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