[NetBehaviour] Raven talk

Simon Mclennan mclennanfilm at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 22:19:50 CET 2023

This is the detail of yesterday's drawing, done in bread & milk cafe, where
I'm want to go when
The urge takes me.
It's OK but the staff are so intent on being efficient and good hard
workers, regards the fast turnover of patrons, that they have not so much
in the humour dept, and as such, I have to be careful how much tomfoolery I
can get away with - oh how terribly dull. They're lucky to get me. What can
you do. It's only redfish that has the right Boho vibe and balance of life
and work, play and business, japery and obedience to the expectations of
qotidien outcomes balance sheets and wot not.
Anyway I digress.
A small vignette sees B and L by a river and a detail, as mentioned, from
the drawing.

S x
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