[NetBehaviour] Zak is leaving

Zak Qlikman gishel.sim at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 12:54:34 CET 2023

A text message appeared on Zak's holographic screen, illuminated by the dim
lights of their small space. Zak is halfway between the Welcome Habitat and
the distant colony of Centauri-9 when the message from Aidan flashed before
their eyes.
[image: rroomsco - 03 s Zak is leaving.jpg]
“So yeah - I guess I'm leaving the Welcome Habitat tomorrow. Even though I
don't really want to. Do you know what it's like at spaceports… Do you
think I can ever come back?"

Zak is contemplating the words. S/He hasn't seen Aidan in person for
months, not since the virus has swept across the Welcome Habitat, forcing
everyone into isolation and uncertainty. Before that, Zak has embraced a
nomadic lifestyle, traveling between colonies and space stations. But
everything has changed.

“If I were you, I wouldn't stay in the Welcome Habitat. The situation is
just unpredictable.”

Aidan stared at the message, a sense of longing and anxiety gnawing at her.
The isolation of space had never felt so real.

Zak continues their journey through the endless void of space. The Welcome
Habitat is now a distant speck in the rearview mirror, and Centauri-9 looms
ahead, promising a fresh start for their endeavors.

Aidans has opted for an isolated tranquility, but a part of Aidan obviously
longs for vibrant streets. Aidan can't help but feel disconnected from the


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