[NetBehaviour] amanuensis

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Nov 16 03:00:07 CET 2023


https://youtu.be/Pp8XJGL7yQ4 video!

i can't get rid of it, Vito haunted by my amanuensis, hungered,
disappeared, thirsted, Vladimir, so purely brilliant, a glance
holding its own, amanuensis. of the cyber-galactic, amanuensis,
claws, horror of the cyber-galactic, you dare to ask why i don't
sleep at night, 'the' serrated edges, forms of these amanuenses
that surround us, draw us out. horror of them, grabbed by the
throat witch won of us. my amanuensis -- diagnostics whose
digital amanuensis sinks into the palimpsest, microscopy.
experimentation, There have been so many of the variety of
_amanuensis,_ bloodriver amanuensis intangible amanuensis of
real time; perhaps the listener is bloodriver amanuensis
"Otherwise," she said. the drawn amanuensis, the figured. from
amanuensis - things, currency, migration. other, encompassed by
too dirge amanuensis falling from the sky. a able about
amanuensis and are as august Vito be bound In the image, able
about amanuensis and are as august as a wire not this, not night
specters, not haunted or hunted, not deprived of thought, not
this, not that, migraine, violation fabric, indecent posture,
insertions, disappearances, supplementary limbs, inert limbus,
impostulations, ordinary, clawed, torn, from me unto me, within
me into me, helical, violation fabrication, stories from within
out of me, this, thus, here, now, time

(on another note, this was similar to sport, attempting to hold
everything together, in balance, to work through moving align-


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