[NetBehaviour] Echoes of an Imaginary Space: The Welcome Habitat

Zak Qlikman gishel.sim at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 11:04:20 CET 2023

The artifact, discovered on Hobbes Prime, is an ancient crystalline
structure, which  emits a peculiar energy. The visitors delve deep into its
intricate patterns, they begin to experience vivid visions – echoes of an
imaginary space. Phantasms of alien landscapes and fantastical realms fill
their mind.
Embedded within the crystalline structure is a gateway to the Welcome
Habitat, a multidimensional ethereal realm where the boundaries of space,
time, and imagination converge.
The Welcome Habitat is a place where sentient beings exist as luminous
entities of pure thought and energy and collaborating on infinite creative
endeavors. Architecture defies convention, with structures constantly
shifting based on inhabitants' desires. Time and distance become
subjective, allowing for experiences that span from cosmic events to
intimate moments in the blink of an eye.
[image: 123456-s.jpg]
As the visitors navigate through the Welcome Habitat, they encounter
inhabitants extending a special welcome. They invite those from Kepler,
Gliese, Trappist, or Tau Ceti f, as well as starving artists, tree-huggers,
junkies, vegetarians, junk-food eaters, those who think the earth is flat,
those who don't work, or those who can't communicate. The Welcome Habitat
offers hospitality to those who got lost and wound up there by mistake, as
well as to visitors, tourists, seekers, and doubters.
The artifact from Hobbes Prime, it seems, is not just a key to imaginary
space but a portal to the Welcome Habitat itself. The visitors, now
intertwined with the luminous entities of the habitat, navigate this
multidimensional realm to understand its connection to the echoes of an
imaginary space and find new imaginary friends.


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