[NetBehaviour] after no after

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Nov 23 03:58:53 CET 2023

after no after

https://youtu.be/j-IUJrAmqEc video (some flicker)

glory born: because when that happens, when there is that flash
or somewhat there and there might first be an uncanny smell, no
that would take some time wouldn't it, no there would be first
the sight, always the sight and that is fearful then later the
sound, the touch of ash perhaps after that, smell for some
reason of gas or oil, something oily, something from the earth
that shouldn't be there, then there's the problem, from all
directions and then what, what might occur, into the bunker with
you! or some such, if not the bunker, then what, , then the
forest, if not the forest, i write with eyes closed, the touch
of the keys perhaps the last touch, i'm not sure, is this coming
through, is it coming out, are you coming out, withdraw
immediately, they are at ... then there's something else, this,
and then after that, what might occur O fearful! because what
we're left - oh i see, what we're left (with( - no it can't be
that... ragged, theERA of AIR is replaced by the EYRIE or what,
that's also, understood, with theyes closed curtains drawn
windows shut, night emerg, no maybe well not is present it's the
guid of odors, something like that, on the run or walk, charnal
something like that, i hear the sound of a thousand keys turning
over the graves of letters, someone died maybe the 22th centurt
like that i remember now,, cavalcade, charnalhus, cc: to whom it
may concern - should be all of our concern/s - gone quiet now,
that music < the world keeps repeating > jjust now - subterfuge
- obsequious - those nursery rhyumes , something - some )thing_

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