[NetBehaviour] Surrounded by a panoramic view of a sprawling Welcome Habitat,

Zak Qlikman gishel.sim at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 14:41:49 CET 2023

Vin'nyla clutches their worn-out elevation device. Their friend, the
fragrance seller from Bhopal, stands beside them, a true believer in the
power of elevation.
[image: 2023-10-05 11.37.26-s.jpg]
Vin'nyla's eyes narrow with determination as they gaze at the Welcome
Habitat below.
The fragrance seller from Bhopal understands the gravity of Vin'nyla's
impending action.
Vin'nyla takes a deep breath, realizing that every action is a positive
action, even if it has a negative result. S/He asks, "What could be better
than a short, uncomplicated life that goes out in a blaze of glory?"
The fragrance seller from Bhopal smiles knowingly. "Nihilism."
"Yeah," Vin'nyla says with a sense of purpose, referring to the rebellious
spirit of the past.
S/He hands the fragrance seller from Bhopal a dub of their elevation data
copy, contemplating the impact it could have.
The fragrance seller from Bhopal's eyes light up with excitement.
"I'll let you know as soon as something happens," s/he promises before
making their exit.

Alone again, Vin'nyla contemplates their actions. "Hey, you got 'Honor thy
error as a hidden intention,'" s/he mutters to themself, drawing
inspiration from a popular cryptic phrase.

As Vin'nyla stands there, pondering their next move, a visitor approaches.
"Hey, mate, uh, you want a card?" the visitor asks.
Vin'nyla takes the card, realizing that in this world driven by conformity
and surveillance, s/he is not alone.


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