[NetBehaviour] game theory game

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Nov 27 11:51:33 CET 2023

game theory game

https://youtu.be/B8NvfPLH8B0 video

this is the game theory game. for the past three years i have
played a word game on my 15 year old zaurus. it is similar to
scrabble. i must make decisions whether a word is acceptable or
not. i search for rare patterns, for example the resulting game
extremely short with no more moves; the game with an overall
geometry; the game which avoids most of the corners and mid-
lines (edge middles); the game with other peculiarities such as
density or despair; the games with extremely high scores. many
of the final positions have been saved. i think i probably
played 2000 or so games beginning through covid including my
covid. here are some of the more interesting final positions,
and you may admire through archaeological processes of your own,
what transpired in them, in other words conundrum. the images
are sideways with a few other things thrown in. the soundtrack
is, well, the soundtrack whose source is another mystery from
the 1980s surely, between dallas and buffalo and providence.
in order to figure out the game through your investigations,
i must say, there is no answer, and in fact, as in life as well,
everything unravels, faster or slower, and everything unravels
everything. head turned sideways, as mine often is, i would
slow, stop, and ponder, and perhaps something will come to mind.


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