Cut and Splice: Dots And Lines
Online exhibition curated by Honor Harger

As part of the Cut and Splice music festival, presented by Sonic Arts Network ( and BBC Radio 3 (, Honor Harger has curated an online exhibition that uses the networked space of the web to interrogate the subjects of the score, notation and visual data as core elements in the process of composition.

A great deal of sound art work using new technologies uses programming environments and algorithmic systems to generate compositions. Generative sound approaches have allowed musicians and programmers to develop new interpretations of duration and construction. The evolving processes and surfaces made possible by algorithmic sound softwares form new concepts of both the composer and the score. The primacy of the composer is often obscured in favour of a symbiotic relationship between the musician and the software.
In this context, what has become of the score?

-Can a score be said to exist within a software driven music environments?
-Are the visual interfaces examples of a new scoring system?
-Is the code used to programme generative sound software the new score?

Featuring works by:

Laura Baxter & Simon Yuill (UK)

boredomresearch (UK)

Alessandro Capozzo (Italy)

Joe Gilmore & Tom Betts (UK)

rechord (UK)

rigasZieds (Latvia)

Stanza (UK)

tinhoko (Austria)

U-Sun (UK/Australia)