May 14, 2005
Turbulence Guest Curators: "Why rock?" by Annie Abrahams and Clément Charmet
with texts by Alan Sondheim and Frédéric Madre

"Why rock?" presents sound works by net artists with real or supposed rock affinities. Why rock? Is it a need to make an adolescent dream come true or an urge to become more pop(ular)? Is it about making the body present on the screen or taking control of the power of the word? Is it an escape from net art production patterns or because we believe 21st century rock stars will emerge from the net?

Works by
Alexei Shulgin, Pavu, Richard Stallman, Igor Stromajer, V.N.A.T.R.C., Talan Memmott, Cory Arcangel, Clément Charmet, Dragan Espenschied, Annie Abrahams, Clement Thomas, Alan Sondheim and Marc Garrett.


ANNIE ABRAHAMS is an artist who has worked on the net since 1996. In her work she often addresses the visitor directly; she wants him/her to be aware of his/her loneliness in front of the computer. There is no other person, there is only you and your imagination. Most of Abrahams's work is featured on her site "Being Human / Etant Humain" ( about low-tech mood mutators and interrogations on communication. Not immersive. She teaches in the Art Department of the University of Montpellier, France.

CLÉMENT CHARMET is a French programmer and artist born 1981. His work as an artist began in 2002 when he released several net art pieces which dealt with automated data generation and manipulation of the network. Since 2003 he has performed with Vincent Dorp under the name thirtytwobit, a group interested in computer glitches and digital noise. Charmet is also the web designer of, a French webzine about contemporary art that has produced web works with non-web artists since 2004.

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