Schumacher Lectures and Gaia Partnership at the Hay Festival of Literature 

 Saturday 4 June 05; Myth, Mind, and Media;

Alastair Sawday, Lynne McTaggart, Herbert Girardet  

(tickets £8 from Hay Box Office 0870 990 1299; tickets £8 for lunch & networking event from Gaia Partnership 0845 458 4718

Three perspectives on current issues, beyond the mainstream media stories which influence the way we think, feel and act. Can this information enable a breakthrough to a new paradigm - a worldview that will lead to a better society? 

10 am – 11 am; The real story of food, energy and health;

Alastair Sawday is Chair of Alastair Sawday publishing which has produced ‘Special Places to Stay’ and ‘The Little Earth Book’. He is in the process of minimising his company’s ecological footprint, to become a model for other companies. A trustee of the Soil Association, he is a law graduate who has also worked with Oxfam and VSO.

Lynne McTaggart is editor of ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ and ‘Proof’; two publications which carry vital information on both conventional and complementary medicine which is often unavailable to the public. Her book ‘The Field’ explores in accessible language new developments in quantum science and its implications for the healthcare of the future.

11.30 am – 12.30 am; Eco Cities of the Future

Herbert Girardet is a writer and filmmaker, chair of Schumacher Society and co-founder of World Future Council. As an adviser he is helping Adelaide become an eco-city of the future.

The Lectures will take place on the Saturday morning, followed by lunch (12 noon onwards) of local organic food, with networking and opportunities to ask individual questions of the speakers.

The Gaia Exhibition will run from May 27 to June 5 – the full 10 days of the Hay Festival, and will feature ecological innovations, nature conservation, arts, music, biodynamic garden, talks and workshops, and an organic/local food café.

Lynne McTaggart will lead a workshop ‘Living the Field’ on Sunday 5 June following the Schumacher Lectures. 



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