<Selflessness 2>
Beachy Head

trace: installaction artspace - CARDIFF
Sat. 28th May 2005
17.00 - 19.00h

To celebrate the first five years of
trace: installaction artspace.
A special installation presentation by one of Britains legendary performance artists.
For one evening only Cosey Fanni Tutti will be premiering  a video installation with documents of her recent private art actions.

The main theme and aim of the series of <Selflessness> live art actions is to address my feelings of alienation and displacement brought about by the 21st century Western <lifestyle>. But also to consider the consequences of superficiality - selflessness and hedonistic consumerism which distances people from one another in the true sense while simultaneously fusing everyone into a frenzied insatiable horde which makes only transient, superficial connections.
The essence of the live art actions is to externalise the internalised in an improvised, unconsciously personalised symbolic way. To communicate on a level that refuses superficiality. Personal and symbolic objects are utilised as a means of ritual awakening to facilitate opening up and release from preconditioning and expectation. Thereby instigating the emergence within the action of a recognition and <revisitation> of personal experiences, a re-examination, reconnection and revelation, a manifestation of my <sensation> of the site.

Each site has symbolic, personal, cultural and geographical significance. Beachy Head is a site that is synonymous with the end of life, a notorious and deeply personalised place that we tend to depersonalise and disconnect from due to its renown as a suicide site.

The GPS [global pointing  system] reading serves to not only fix the location of the actions for future reference but also to make a connection outside this world as acknowledgement that we are part of something much greater than the world as we generally define it.
A bonding token from the live work is left in situ, a piece of myself. The existence of this token links the site with the nascence of the final work, thus reinforcing deeper connection.

trace: is offered as a significant artspace that represents intersections between artistic disciplines. A place for wider discourse and dissemination of contemporary art practice that seeks to place emphasis on context in the working process. The focus is primarily performative - to explore the previously untried ways of 'thinking' and 'doing' offered by time based art and work
that emerges from this field - performance, video, sonic, interactive, installation.

trace: highlights one artist per month - each artist presents a live investigation with the 'trace' elements of this activity exhibited as installation open to the public by appointment on consecutive weekends during the month.

All performances, installations, procedures, live manifestations and actuations are free.

Programme overview:

Uri Katzenstein [Israel]: 18.00 Sat. 2nd Oct. 2004
Julie Bacon [England]: 12.00 - 18.00 Sat. 6th Nov. 2004
Kevin Henderson [Scotland]: 06.00 - 18.00 Sat. 4th Dec. 2004
Sinead & Hugh O'Donnell [Ireland]: 18.00 Sat. 15th Jan. 2005
Peter Barren [Holland]: 18.00 Sat. 5th Feb. 2005
High Heel Sisters [Scandanavia]: 18.00 Sat. 5th March 2005
Cyril Lepetit [France]: 18.00 Sat. 2nd April 2005
Boris Nieslony [Germany]: 18.00 Sat. 7th May 2005


In celebration of 5 years of
Cosey Fanni Tutti: 17.00-19.00 Sat 28th May 2005

trace: installaction artspace
26 Moira Place, Adamsdown, Cardiff
+44 [0] 29 2040 7338