Red Hat to Open-Source Netscape Directory

By Mary Jo Foley
May 24, 2005

NEW YORK—Microsoft is hardly the only vendor working to assemble the technology pieces that could comprise next-generation digital identity management platforms.,1995,1817451,00.asp

Next week, Red Hat is planning to release into open source the Netscape Directory technology it acquired in September 2004. That is according to Joanne Rohde, Red Hat executive vice president, who spoke on a panel here on open source.

The panel was one of three held Tuesday, and was sponsored jointly by the Information Technology Association of America and Nasdaq.

Rohde told panel attendees that Red Hat will release the directory technology on June 1, which just happens to be the day that the Red Hat Summit 2005 kicks off in New Orleans.

When contacted for additional details, a Red Hat spokeswoman said: "We cannot confirm the time frame for the release of Directory Server."