"Big Sheep" Call for participation

"Big Sheep"  a collaborative and copyleft project by Regina Celia Pinto and
Isabel Saij.

The cloning and remixes have already started!

Then, we like to invite you to visit our blog at:

And to send us original works or derivative works related to the theme

The project aims to develop a new kind of collaborative work: all the
creations made for "Big Sheep" are placed under a copyleft license:

 Concretely you can join us in 3 ways:

a)- make an original work (drawing, photo, text, animation, sound,...)
related with our theme (sheep) and send it to us with your "copyleft"
agreement (see above the link to the license). Very important: you need to
have a complete copyright on your creation in order to put it under
copyleft! For instance you can't "copyleft" photo(s) downloaded from
internet without the permission of the holder (s) of the copyright (s).

b)- take one (or several) work(s) from our blog:
Then: modify it, write a text, add a sound...and send us your derivative
work with your copyleft agreement. Note: this derivative work will be placed
under the copyleft license!

c)- participate in the blog "Big Sheep"(http://bigsheep.blogspot.com/) with
your comments.

Send your works here:
arteonline@arteonline.arq.br, subject: "Big Sheep"

Technical aspects:

Multimedia and Image Files:  JPG, GIF, MOV, SWF , AVI, max  640 X 480 pixels
and not more than 300 kb.
Text files: RTF, not more than two A4 pages.
Sound: MP3  max 300 kb

More information


History of Big Sheep
http://bigsheep.blogspot.com/ - Sheep's Parade