"Prison of Love"  (carcel de amor)  http://www.carceldeamor.net
and its online part  "Violence without Bodies"  (violencia sin cuerpos)
the contemporary art show on the theme of gender violence,
continues touring through Spanish museums and stops between
12 July  and 28 July at Contemporary Art Centre Párraga, Murcia /Spain.

"Violence without bodies" includes also
Agricola de Cologne's interactive net play
Compressed Affair

Of particular relevance is the online part curated by Remedios Zafra, not only due to the focus on "violence on women", but basically because it represents one of a few examples, that net based art is recognized as an equal form of contemporary art working among all the existing traditional forms, a status which has net based art, not yet generally. So, this show has an emancipatory character in different concern und deserves particular attention, including net based works by Francesca da Rimini, Natalie Bookchin, Margot Lovejoy, Tina La Porta, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Igor Stromejer etc, see also list further ahead.

"Prison of Love" -
Cultural stories on Gender Violence
(Cárcel de amor. Relatos culturales sobre la violencia de género)
A presentation curated by Berta Sichel, Virginia Villaplana and Remedios
Zafra, and Rosa Mª Peris, director of the Women Institute.
The show "Prison of Love", presenting multiple perspectives and views on
violence in couple and family-
their limits and energy expressing the changing and heterogenous relations
between the cultural analysis, the political critics and the artistic
production, - is structured in 5 parts interrelating with each other. eg
a cycle of films and videos, an Internet based online part, conferences and
meetings and the edition and an action by Angélica Liddell.

The online part of the show, entitled "Violence without Bodies" ("Violencia
Sin Cuerpos")
is curated by Remedios Zafra,
and consists of a selection of netart works about gender violence
including following aspects and related artworks/artists-->

(Evas and Princesses contra Cyborgs)
Brutal Myths. An herbal healing of misogynius (1996), Sonya Rapoport y
Marie-Jose Sat;
Mythic Hybrid (2002), Prema Murthy
Make me a man (1997), Sonya Rapoport;
Eden.Garden 1.1 (2001), Auriea Harvey y Michael Samyn;
[ i want to share you - what are you doing to me? ] (2001), Intima (Igor
2. Narrated violence (when body does not exist):
Compressed Affair (2001), Agricola de Cologne;
Parthenia "A Global Monument Violence Domestic Victims" (1995) Margot
The Intruder (1999), Natalie Bookchin;
Dollspace (1997, 2001), Francesca da Rimini
3. Does body matter? (cybersex and videogame)
Tomb Raider (1999), Robert Nideffer.
Tunnel (1996), Melinda Rackham.
BindiGirl (1999); Prema Murthy;
Cunnilingus in North Korea (2003); Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
(Young-hae Chang y Marc Voge); Mutation.Fem (2000), Anne-Marie Schleiner.
4. New Visibility of the Prevailed-
(feministe online practices contra the hegemony of being able to
Smart Mom (1998-1999), Faith Wilding y Hyla Willis;
voyeur_web (2001), Tina La Porta;
El lugar de las mujeres en el Metro de la Ciudad de México (2001), Cindy
Gabriela Flores;
Guerrilla Girls (Website), Guerrilla Girls;
No-pasatiempo (2004), Cristina Buendía.
The comprehensive project site http://www.carceldeamor.net/vsc includes a
number of texts
( in Spanish only) and the access to the selected art works.
After the presentation of "Prison of Love"
at National Museum Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid/Spain - 31 March until
8 May 2005 -
the travelling show will be presented in other Spanish museums until the end
of 2005, starting at
-->National Museum Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid/Spain
31 March until 8 May 2005
-->Hospital de San Juan de Dios. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Almagro/Spain - 12 May - 19 June
-->Centro Párraga, Murcia /Spain - 12 - 28 July
-->Centro de Arte Caja Burgos, CAB/Spain - 8-30 September
-->Artium, Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo, Álava/Spain -
30 September -16 October
-->Centre d'Art la Panera, Lleida/Spain - 3 - 29 November
-->Filmoteca Canaria del Gobierno de Canarias. Tenerife y Las Palmas de Gran
Canaria.  28 November - 4 December
"Cárcel de amor" (Prison of Love)
"Violencia Sin Cuerpos" (Violence without Bodies)
Press release on W3art.es (Spanish)
Press release as PDF (Spanish)
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