[TIME] 30/31 July 2005

TIME artists are:
Robbie Coleman and Jo Hodges - Rachel Gomme - Maibritt Rangstrup - Zoe Dowlen - Emma Hart - Lemeh 42 - Mary Yacoob - Stefano Tedesco - Lauren Aston - Jo Clements - Caspar Below - Nina Ogden - E.G. Zero - Monika Dutta and Mark Lawton

Florence Trust , St Saviour's Church, Aberdeen Park, Highbury, London N5

Saturday 30 July, 7pm - 10pm

Sunday 31 July, 7pm - 10pm

Admission Free

Counter Measure is a two day new work /live art event at the Florence Trust. This is Counter Measure's 2nd annual event at the Florence Trust.

Counter Measure is the curatorial partnership of artists Jon Ford and Kevin Quigley, which sets out to confront new challenging ideas within cross-platform works. This year we have asked a selection of artists to make works about their personal and universal relationships to the concepts of time.

We have selected 14 artists to exhibit works, from video installation, film and durational performance, to interventional performance, wall based works and sound performance.

All the works have a 'live' element that challenge and provoke new ideas and thoughts about time.

As we see it (or experience it) no two times are the same, in one case the present is everything while in another, the present is nothing. Time is timeless - only becoming, looking back/looking forward.

So therefore we have an inconclusive philosophical engagement with the question of time. We are continually interlocked with the inescapable paradox of time and space. But Time and Space are the forms imposed on experience by the human mind and consciousness.

We understand space/time to be real features of the world, but only of the world as we experience it, within our set limitations and frameworks of time.

During our time event we will be exploring many avenues and reservoirs of TIME.

Contact: Kevin Quigley email: