workshop "xtension please!"
20-23 july
villa Borego, Paris

The main purpose is to generate an unexpected creature with digital and analog inputs/outputs,peripherals,and recycled electrical devices such as TVs,telephones...assembled between each others with sensors etc.We want to use analog and digital compost as an extension to grow a virtual-physical organism.
The "thing"is exponential,it will cover the space in the villa and maybe grow outside...still interacting and living for what it is done: nothing.The creature will interact with itself or us. We don't know where it's going to end or what it's going to do.In this way,this entity is absurd-like.This project is the support that will bring us a new experience in the combination of technology robotics,sound design,machines and spatiality. In that way,we'll try to use the different skills of each people involved in the project ,to create an unexpected organism as a new territory.

Growing a "thing":an unexpected organism.
This unexpected organism is a link,is digital,can be outside or inside,creates interaction,feed-back,tensions between places and people,is material and immaterial,creates one simple signal with complex structure,is an assembly of various systems,has a sensitivity and resistance,is a tool and a toy,is mechanical and analog,has a center,a core and peripheral,can be plugged and unplugged,contains code and articulations.

In the run-up to the workshop participants and tutors will grow up a compost of material that could be used as an extension of an organism.

Real workbase:
Villa Borego is situated in Paris, 20th, during the workshop, the VILLA will be used as a base to link and fit things together.By connecting the site and the exploration of its  properties,the workshop creates a opportunity to explore the link between analog and digital as an extension of an unexpected organism

Virtual workbase:

.tutor team

Christian Faubel - Bochum Germany
Analog robots,sensor integration,motor control,mediation of a fearless approach to electronic.
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Ralf Schreiber
Cologne Germany
autonomous audio kinetic installations,minimal robotics, sound installations,chaotic processes and silence-
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Clement Charmet
glitchy web programming, or to music/composition/destruction, HTML composition, GIF corruption,videogame hacking,etc...
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Luc Kerléo
He essentially works to make derive the tools,techniques,methods and machines which in-
tervene normally only like transmitters.His actions in the media systems often consist in introducing a distortion,a small disfonctionement,not as a food for the system but in the system itself,in its functioning...His relation with reality passes by the sound,via a practice of listening.
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.organisation team

Marc Blume:landscape architect,artist
Jean Lelievre:architect
Esther Salmona:landscape architect,artist


from thursday 20th of july 10 a.m. to sunday 23th july 2006 midnight.
participation: 80 euros (for material and food)
23 july / evening = expo and final party
Housing: if you can find by yourself, friends, familiy it's perfect.
Food: there will be a catering team - so breakfeast and diner at borrego
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