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"November" An online networked performance.

Join us as we cast out the stale air of the fading summer and move
together into winter. Celebrating Halloween and the changing of the
season, we come together online to exchange our collected thoughts
across the Internet whilst each eating garlic cloves.

This networked performance by Patrick Simons and Kate Southworth
(glorious ninth) in collaboration with Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett
( will be launched at: -

The Performance will not be accessible until:
Time: 9 minutes and 41 seconds before midnight (GMT).
Date: 31st October 2006.

NOVEMBER is a performance that utilises peer-to-peer instant messaging
technology, and the participants were able to see and hear each other on
their computers throughout. Working with their own pre-chosen texts,
each participant alternated between reading aloud and listening,
amending and improvising their performances in response to each other.
At times a cacophony of competing voices, the performance was a
spontaneous and unrehearsed encounter, exposing moments of
vulnerability, intimacy, connection and rhythm.