Yesterday we invited you to join us for the live performance tomorrow. We have a change of time to 3- 4pm here in Amsterdam which is 2- 3pm GMT
Any mixes saved in VisitorsStudio before noon will be shown to workshoppers to inspire discussion and whet our artistic appetites.

: ) Ruth and Marc

It would be great to have your contributions to mixes for the SWAMP workshop that we are running at Montevideo as part of Video Vortex tomorrow.
To contribute to SWAMP atVisitorsStudio
1) register and/or login to the live studio at
2) open the mixer (available from the menu, top right on hover)
3) play with the files in each layer, searching for files to suit your ideas
4) when you're happy with what you have created, 'click save this mix'


Online in VisitorsStudio SWAMP
date : Sat Feb 2nd 3- 4pm (GMT +1)
with : ruth catlow, marc garrett and guests

The proliferation of commercial but free digital sharing activities associated with Web2.0, subjects the contemporary networked human-being to a deluge of information and expressive culture from all directions, not just from on high (through authorized channels for information, news and culture) but also rising up through vernacular.
Join us in the SWAMP and splash about in the deluge of information rising up through the grass-roots.

at Montevideo, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam 12.00 16.00 h.

Registration via:
Bring your laptops with browsers and wireless capability.

Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow from will demo VisitorsStudio and introduce participants to its (easy-to-use) tool-set and features.