Thanks Ruth,

This is an interesting, but also beautiful work with a lot of layers.

Visually the eyes and the breasts become equivalent.  They represent the same male preoccupation with the other unknown gender but in a different context.


ps I am not sure to follow the "breast not bombs" movement when they say they want to "speak out for a world that remembers what is sacred and honors the mother"

On Feb 4, 2008 1:23 PM, Ruth Catlow <> wrote:

Indecent is net art sketch, inspired by, and in support of women, who
take part in, or actively witness, protests and action against
aggressive fundamentalism.
This sketch pairs censored animated images from the 'Breasts Not
Bombs' campaign with the eyes of witnesses, as if from behind the
Burqa. The page contains links to two online communities for women's
NetBehaviour mailing list

" One the puppet of the other "
" L'un la poupée de l'autre "
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