Hello. Thanks Pall for your manifesto and your explanation.
I on my part do not agree at all with your manifesto.
Let me explain point by point, hopefully it'll be constructive and interactive ;)

Netart 2.0 is not net.art
Do you mean net art? web art? internet art? When I read the following text, I get the feeling you understand the creative net started with the web. There have been works done before (e.g. using news groups and FirstClass communities), and these well before 1991 and I feel the distinction is necessary for the coherence of a manifesto that would speak to novice but also old-timers. The web's just the tip of the history of online art and I am not sure I understand well what you are focusing on. When you speak about casual internet users, I believe you mean web, and mass-media-like consumers. But then again you state in a further point that: 'Netart 2.0 is not dependent upon The World Wide Web'. I'm a bit stuck there in the comprehension of your text.

Netart 2.0 is dynamic
By that I understand you mean the content is dynamically generated acording to both the human and the machine context, giving life to a creative avatar. Again, it seems essential to me that if you're speaking of the web, since the early years net art was dynamic. In fact it was already before the web, thought there weren't as many viewers-consumers to check it out and the communities where more focused and less generalist. It is true the trend is towards more than an simple html web page collection including hyperlinks, but this doesn't seem enough to define a second generation of net art, or at least not like that.

Netart 2.0 cannot function without an active network connection
I don't understand how you can talk about net art without the net. You may have a representation of net art that is disconnected but it will just be that, a passive representation of net art and not net art. I believe you might misunderstand net art 1.0 as software art or multimedia.

Netart 2.0 may or may not be interactive
In my understanding net art requires a network to be, therefore an interaction between at least two entities (human or machine). I believe the term 'viewer' needs a better definition for your manifesto. Also,on the internet there is required interaction as it is a fundamental of even the earliest web pages (hypertext). Interactivity is what generated net art.

Netart 2.0 may or may not be accessible on-line
Do you mean there can be an offline network for net art to exist? And does the real-world correspond to this new environment for net art 2.0? (I have a small definition of web 3.0 as 'the biological, digital analog web where information is made of a plethora of digital values coalesced for sense and linked to the real-world by analog interfaces' on http://www.zzz.ch/bootymachine/web3.0/  , maybe it can relate to this, I'd be happy to get your feedback).

Netart 2.0 is not science
Here, I don't understand why and how you can exclude the science in net art (or online art). Basically working with media protocols to put the work online already induces a bias in the work that just doesn't make it artist-only-created. All who creates using these tools know what the limitations inherent to protocols can do to the creative process, and to me it is part science not to be random noise (even if it is beautiful noise). My personal view is that you can simply not say that of any net art, as there is automatically some part of science in the use of language.

Finally, I just want to say I really don't see much in your manifesto that defines 'newness' from what net art is (I mean v1.0). Most of what you state was already there since a long time, but it is true most casual-viewers' online experience dates only from a few years at max. Maybe there should first be a manifesto to better define net art 1.0 ?

Thanks again for your thoughts, the discussion is indeed very interesting!

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Le 1 avr. 08 à 13:00, netbehaviour-request@netbehaviour.org a écrit :

Netart 2.0: A Manifesto of Variable Manifestation 
Initial draft October 18, 2006

Netart 2.0 is not net.art

++The internet has changed a lot in recent years. Casual Internet 
users have become content producers as well as content consumers. 
These shifts in the way the public uses the internet is reflected in 
more recent netart.