Niko -
I thought both of these were really good. "Decay" ought to come with a health warning for those prone to fits, though. Perhaps that's why Max thought it didn't work - he blacked out after the first couple of seconds.
"Baum" has a very magical quality. Other people's homes always seem lonely and mysterious when you see them from the outside at night - that tree in the foreground, and the fence running across the base of the block of flats, both serve to emphasise our distance from the building - and somehow the fact that the lights are switching on and off in a pattern, and thus creating a tune, only makes this sense of loneliness and mystery more acute. I suppose "Decay" is more abstract, less observational and human, and maybe tougher in feel as a result. It's got a nervous, staccato energy a bit like jazz: but the pacing and variations are beautifully controlled.
Two very simple and striking ideas, developed with great skill.
- Edward