Is there such thing as a new media art market?

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a mínima magazine invites you to collaborate in its study about the new media art market.

It is basically a documentary work in which we'll show the sale's evolution of new media art, from the origins of until the current days.

This is a research project for HAMACA collective. The result of this study will be published online in HAMACA website and in a mínima magazine.

Your contribuition on our project would be really appreciated, therefore we'd invite you to answer, comment or debate some of the following  topics:

- Are new media artpieces being sold in galleries, as the same way as the so called traditional contemporary art?- How is business done in this context? How is the process to negociate them?

- In the case of digital pieces or immaterial projects, do you adapt them to a physical support to market them or do you keep them in the original format?

- What is the profile of customers interested in these artpieces?

- What conditions / negotiations have you got with the galleries? Are similars to contemporary art?

- Who pay the production of new media artpieces?

- Do you propose any alternative circuit to make business with them?

- Are these artworks well-paid? How much do they usually cost?

- Is possible to live of new media art?

- Do you like to make any comment about any special changes in  new media art market during the last years?

Thanks for your collaboration!,

a mínima

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