this work is not my own. it is not my own because i have not created
i did not create the connection between these keys and the virtual
memory with which they interact; nor did i create the manner in which
these words will be understood.

Nor did you create the category of art or the genre of But that
does not mean that your work would exist if you did not make it.

our work is work though our work is not our own; it lives in temporal memory, in the senses and in the contemplation of those who come across it.

a painter who paints did not create the paint with which they work; if
so, they did not create the paint's pigment; if so, they did not create
the canvas; if so they did not cut the wood from which the canvas frame
has been made; if the wood had not been cut straight, then the picture
would not be a rectangle.
the picture is not a rectangle anyway.

And yet, they paint.

they paint and paint and how disgusting their works are!

This can be contrasted with the postindustrial/outsourcing/offshoring
approach of Kostabi, Koons and Hirst.

(Or with a traditional artist's studio where an assistant would paint
the clothes or the hands.)

how the industrial revolution has put an end to our beautiful notions of gothisism.

through my work with coding i have come to see that no ones work is
their own, we can simply make manifest with the materials we have
learned to control.

There comes a point at which that which one is controlling, is the people who
are tangibly controlling the materials. At that point one's materials
are human beings, and the art is management not code.

our management is not our own; it lies within interactions between nodal points, charged towards putting the purpose upon their routes.

At that point the potential of code to resist its exploitation by
manageralism collapses and the artist simply reflects the ego of
corporate information culture.

our purposes are not our own; they are programmed into us and we, running along wires and lucid configurations of plastic, reformable space, imagine how the architecture surrounding us must have been necessary for some reason or another.

Harold Cohen's talk at the Tate a few years back (available to stream
here; )
mentions the idea of code as craft.

our craft is not our own; we exist to configure, shape and forge materials for the reasons we may come to comprehend.

- Rob.

thanks rob!

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