//this code is not my own. 
the fundamental code of a net.artist

this work is not my own. it is not my own because i have not created it.
i did not create the connection between these keys and the virtual memory with which they interact; nor did i create the manner in which these words will be understood.

a painter who paints did not create the paint with which they work; if so, they did not create the paint's pigment; if so, they did not create the canvas; if so they did not cut the wood from which the canvas frame has been made; if the wood had not been cut straight, then the picture would not be a rectangle.
the picture is not a rectangle anyway.

through my work with coding i have come to see that no ones work is their own, we can simply make manifest with the materials we have learned to control.

Benjamin R. Bailey de Paor
Arts industries professional