pretty much predicted just a week ago:

On 7 August 2011 13:50, marc garrett <> wrote:
Tottenham riots: the morning after...

A shocking night of anger, violence and looting on the streets of north

Hi all,

Beleive it or not, this where Furtherfield lives...

I posted on the New Statesman Web site "What I find interesting is no
one above is considering the bigger picture. I live locally in Tottenham
& have been hearing many younger people's views regarding their despair,
of youth centres being closed down because of the recent cuts, & no jobs
in the near future either. Our culture is suffering a deep attack
against education & community values. I am really not surprised by any
of this - but the blame lies from up top, with choosing neoliberalism
above human needs. Whilst all of you 'comfortable' people chat away
ignoring such realities, our 'little' Rome will burn, please wake up!"

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