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On Aug 10, 2011, at 21:08, Annie Abrahams <> wrote:

"May the horse live in me"
Interesting experiment, interesting storytelling, but far beyond reality

"She explained to Centre Press that the whole process made her feel “hyper-powerful, hyper-sensitive and hyper-nervous.” She added: “I had a feeling of being superhuman. I was not normal in my body. I had all of the emotions of a herbivore. I couldn’t sleep and I felt a little bit like a horse.”"

Interpretation, wishful thinking - bullshit.

Anyone who had medical tests done in an hospital to check out the heart and who has been injected with chemicals knows it needs little (these chemicals) to make you feel a completely different person. (anxious, calm, nervous etc)
Chemicals have a deep impact on our being (all drug users know this too), feelings, experiences of ourselves, so it's no wonder horse proteins make you feel changed, anything would.

I like the experiment, the discussion it triggers, but I abhor the biased language used by these artists. In my opinion it doesn't take science serious, only uses it for something else.


On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 7:24 PM, Rob Myers <> wrote:
On 10/08/11 18:17, marc garrett wrote:
> Artist Injects Herself With Horse Blood, Wears Hooves
> By Olivia Solon
> Laval-Jeantet and her creative partner Benoit Mangin (working as
> collective Art Orienté Objet) were keen to explore the blurring of
> boundaries between species in the piece, entitled May the Horse Live in
> Me. Laval-Jeantet prepared her body to accept the horse blood plasma by
> getting injected with different horse immunoglobulins over the course of
> several months.

Oh I was going to post that later. :-)

I wish I knew enough immunobiology and medical ethics to be able to
evaluate the reality of it a bit better...

- Rob.
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