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Date: 28 augustus 2011 20:06:44 GMT+02:00
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korporate fascist propaganda:

In 20 years, Mohamed will be a male prostitute of the western Democratic Corporate Fascist Complex.
Mohamed's cousin will be pimping Libyan women to Democratic Model Citizens.
Mohamed's parents will be living on 200 usd pension / month.

Libya's surplus + gold will become an infinite deficit.  Inflation will have risen 1000%.

The mindless BBC prostitute will be consuming Libyan children and hosting interviews
with the Libyan and Western gangsters that bought 90% of Libya for next to nothing.

The present is WINNING THE FUTURE. Just ask the Eastern European countries that supply female + male whores
to the entire Democratic Corporate Fascist States of Europe, whose former national wealth has been raped,
whose zero debt has been transformed into infinite debt, whose citizens have become
body parts containers.



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