This looks like fun
on Thursday eve online.
I heard that it was the BEST thing at the AV festival a couple of years back.

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Liliane Lijn                                    Powergame Online


I am delighted to invite you to take part in Powergame Online, which will take place between 17.00 and 20.00 on 5th July, online at as well as on the high definition digital screen at the Ruskin Gallery in Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.


Power Game is an exploration of the meaning of power and of the prejudices and preconceptions that people attach to words. Staged several times by Liliane Lijn, since its first staging in 1974, when underground filmmaker Derek Jarman and Middle East commentator Patrick Seale took part in it. Power Game has now been adapted to the digital medium, using Twitter as its platform. In its new digital incarnation, it will use Twitter feeds, and will be viewable on a specially made web site, where registered players and the MC will be represented by their Twitter avatars.


You can play online from anywhere in the world or be present at the Cambridge School of Art at 5.00 pm on Thursday 5th July. You need to have a Twitter account and be free to tweet for at least an hour between 5.00 and 8.00 pm. To register as a Player, tweet @powergameonline. You will be followed back, put on a Player List and sent regular updates through Twitter. Alternatively, email Liliane Lijn : with your Twitter name and your availability to play on the night. If you do not wish to be a player, you can be a voter by following @powergameonline on Twitter. On the day of the game you should log into your Twitter account. Open the timeline of @powergameonline as well as In response to the Powergame Online MC’s dealing out 3 word cards, visible online, players will choose the most powerful word and defend it in one Tweet. Once all Players have made their choices, the MC will ask for voters to vote for the most powerful word. Votes will be tallied and the most powerful word for each round will be revealed. 

 For more detail and instructions on How to Play open

Powergame Online will launch Games Artists Play, a strand of the Exhibition ’Poetry, Language, Code’ curated by Bronac Ferran, which runs from 21st June to 12th July. 

Other artists in the exhibition are:  Eduardo Kac, Alan Sutcliffe, Liliane Lijn, Chris Payne, London Fieldworks (with Steve Beard), Paolo Cirio, Alessandro Ludovico, Heath bunting, Willliam Latham, Giselle Beiguelman, Mariana Manhares and Ernest Edmonds.

Liliane Lijn