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DA FACT newsletter | july & august 2012

The 16th International Saxophone Meeting:
Philippe Geiss is until July 3 at the 16th International Saxophone Meeting of Nova Gorica in Slovenia for masterclasses.

Karlax reviewed by Christine Webster in KR magazine:
Karlax is reviewed in Keyboards Recording magazine of this month. It is available now. Then, you will get more info by checking out the Christine Webster's blog.

Ljubljana Festival
At the Ljubljana Festival (June 20 - September 13), Philippe Geiss will perform on Wednesday 4 July, at 8.00 pm, at The Atrium of the Ursuline Monastery.

Karlax Ecritures #2
The CNSMDP hosted the second session of "Karlax Ecritures" about writing electroacoustic music for Karlax. Check out the minutes of the meeting.

Kala composed by Daniel Figols Cuevas
Daniel Figols Cuevas, composer, told us (in french) how and why he works with the Karlax for his piece Kala, performed on October 5, at the CNSMDP.

World Saxophone Congress
The university town of St Andrews will hold the World Saxophone Congress XVI from July 10 to 15. Philippe Geiss & Diastema Saxophone Quartet will perform on July 11.

Streamline Project / Hidden Session #7
Streamline / Hidden Session #7 with Nhandan Chirco, Seijiro Murayama and Branko Popovic, at Msuv Novi Sad on July 11.

Musicalta Festival
The greatest masterpieces of the music of the eighteenth century daily rub with contemporary, contemporary music or electro-acoustic music at the Musicalta Festival. From July 21 to August 8, in Rouffach country.

New translation for the Da Fact website
The Da Fact website is now available in Japanese.

Keep in touch thanks to the Karlax Blog
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