There's a whole argument that can be had here as to how you might convert colour to sound, or vice a versa. As phenomena they are not linked by physic,  their bandwidth and structure are of different ilk's (they have no spectral relationship). Any conversion system you come up with is therefore subjective and arbitrary. You could use amplitude to map to brightness but how do you account for harmonics? There are no harmonics in colour. If you can't deal with harmonics then the conversion of pitch cannot be resolved except for sine waves. It's a can of worms. You have to get your worms straight before you start to consider your mapping system and then the sort of software you need. It's not a simple question of 1:1.



On 17 Sep 2012, at 16:12, dave miller wrote:

hi simon
I could think of a way of doing it using php, but depends what
technology you're using

On 17 September 2012 14:52, Simon Mclennan <> wrote:
Yo netbehavours,
Does anybody know any dinky software programmes that convert colour
to pitch - open source, shareware or otherwise.
I could figure out a way to do it analogue (I'm not a programmer),
using a ruler, some leaves and a tuning fork.
For the Festival of Brown in Brighton this week.

By the way let's not forget THEZONE experimental film nights - coming
up during CINECITY in November. Programme to follow.

Best wishes,


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