Up close and personal with Furtherfield

By Randall Packer

Our collective portrait was part of the Global Concept Exchange, an extraordinary discussion with the mercurial Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett, founders of the London-based Furtherfield, who for the past fifteen years have challenging the far-reaching possibilities of what it means to be an alternative arts organization in the age of the Net. As part of our ongoing series of Open Source Studio gatherings, the event brought together a group of new media artists who are actively part of the Furtherfield family of net practitioners. Or, as Annie remarked, rather than a family, this is a band that rocks: Helen Varley Jamieson, Andy Deck, Nathaniel Stern, Annie Abrahams. Each in turn spoke about their work with Furtherfield, how they have been supported by the opportunity to exhibit and perform in Furtherfield’s London gallery, write about their work on the Furtherfield site, and participate in a form of collective agency: Furtherfield as a platform and catalyst for socially engaged cultural production and experimentation.


Part of the Global Concept Exchange – Collaboration & Community meeting on-line - November 12 – 18
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